“I had an AMAZING, inspiring and deeply empowering reading from @MavenUnmasked – I FULLY recommend her services! Feeling great now! ❤❤❤” Kelly-Ann Maddox

“I love your style– word choice/phrasing, how you pinpoint and then branch out, and how you include card names. This is especially helpful for readers that have no background in the Tarot and like to have a point of reference from which you’re pulling your information. You were succinct, direct, applicable, effective, and most important: ACCURATE! Which is what I look for in every reader. Thank YOU for reading me, sharing your skills and obvious talent.” NiSHA  of Universal Student

“Receiving a reading from Maven Unmasked was not only insightful, but pleasantly imaginative. Her insights provided me with practical tips and takeaways that I can now integrate into my everyday life. She was helpful from start to finish: she helped me coordinate my tarot card question, provided my reading in a timely manner and afterwards she promptly followed up to ensure that my experience was an enjoyable one. Not only did I walk away with a reading, but I also received a better understanding of myself and direction in this world. That’s something I’m forever grateful for and will definitely consult with her for all future life questions.” Ashley C.

“Your reading was clear and it really did answer my questions. It addressed my doubts and worries and helped me move past them. I will recommend you for anyone who wishes or is interested in a tarot reading. Thank you again! I hope you have a wonderful New Year!” Rosa V.

“This was absolutely wonderful. I’m printing it out and putting it in my journal!” Samantha T.