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Being a Lightworker and an Empath is not always an easy task. You have chosen to incarnate on this planet at this time in history for a particular purpose – your spiritual vocation. Here are some ways to help you stay lusciously shiny and feeling your best through it all!

Luscious Lightworker + Enigmatic Empath Tips

Spiritual Protection – Call in your angels and your guides to surround you in the white light of protection. Archangel Michael is a great spiritual warrior and protector. Invite him into your energy to create a shield of protection around you. Spiritual and Psychic Protection is extremely important to have up when going into toxic environments. Perhaps you have a rough relationship with a coworker, volatile communication with a family member. It is also important for environments where there will be a lot of buzzing, clashing, and swirling energies abound like a mall or busy restaurant.
Is this mine or someone else’s – When you feel overwhelmed by emotion or when you are having a great day and decide to go out with friends only to return sad and depressed. In those moments, try and see if you can separate the thoughts from the emotions and ask yourself the question of if these emotions really belong to you. Catalog everything you are feeling and try to determine to the best of your ability if you’re really angry or if you just happened to pick up your anger from the guy at the bar or your girlfriend’s heartache after a fight with her boyfriend.
Clearing your energy + your space – Keeping your aura clear and fresh is a major part of spiritual hygiene, plus it just feels damn good! Use florida water to create an aura mist or get a smudge stick and sage yourself, your home, and your property. You can even get a himalayan salt lamp. See how re-arranging the furniture in a particular room in your home changes the flow of energy. Cleanse your crystals and other magical tools.
Stay grounded – Ground your energy daily to help keep you mindful of the here and now. This will also help to release excess energy or emotions into the earth. Staying grounded is also extremely important in helping you to adjust to and assimilate higher vibrations.
Taking a step back + away from toxic situations – This is important so as not to have your energy drained by toxic situations. Know when and where to focus your energies. Try not to engage in toxic and unhealthy habits, behaviors, and situations.
Some may just not understand and that’s okay – Some of your family members and friends may not embrace or understand what you do or why you’re doing it. Some may think you’re crazy or woo-woo or airy fairy and flaky. Send these people love and keep your practice if that is what your soul tells you to do. Just because they may not understand your path, does not mean that they’re bad people or carry a low vibration or are not a part of your soul tribe.

Artwork by Josephine Wall

Keep spreading your light anyway – Even though there may be naysayers, shine anyway. Even though you may be frustrated, shine anyway. Even when you feel like you’re not being heard, shine anyway. Even when you feel unappreciated and unnoticed, shine anyway. When you feel alone in your cause, shine anyway. When you feel beat down and worn, allow your heart to shine anyway.
Work with high vibe crystals and stones that protect your energy – Some of my favorite crystals for this purpose are selenite, clear quartz, apophyllite, elestial quartz, moldavite, nuumite, aqua aura quartz, celestite, rose quartz, tektite, amethyst, and scocelite. There are many more out there. Don’t be afraid to do research on your own. If you’re new to the vibration of crystals, be cautious as some of the crystals listed above carry an intense vibration that may make you uncomfortable (like being lightheaded, hot, dizzy, or feeling your body vibrate) if you’re not accustomed to the vibration! This is why grounding is important.
Meditate often – Get in touch with your soul. Talk to your Higher Self. De-stress and calm yourself. Clear your mind. Find peace. Sink into your center. Meditation is great for stress relief, soul searching, increasing your sense of happiness, and boosting your creativity! It also helps to connect you to the world of spirit, the higher realms, and raises your vibration.
Connect with your spirit guides regularly – They have much guidance and love to share with you. I have had the most beautiful experiences with my spirit guides – especially one’s that started in meditation and carried on into the waking world. They send you beautiful signs and symbols if you open your eyes and ears to it!
Drink plenty of water – This keeps your energy clear and flowing as well as helps you stay hydrated. I also believes drinking water helps to strengthen your connection to spirit. The more spiritual work you do, the more water you may drink.
Eat more foods that keep your vibration high – Fruit and veggie it up Lightworker friends! Invite more color into your diet. Try to eat organic when you can. These foods are less dense and keep your vibration lighter as your body isn’t busy working on digesting heavier foods like meats and cheeses.
Stop comparing your spiritual journey – Refrain from comparing someone else’s experience and knowledge to your own. Whether it be ego and pride or from a lack of self-confidence – cut it out. Seriously love, let it go. All this does is lower your vibration and traps you in a state of insecurity. How can you shine your light as bright as possible, when you continue to turn your spotlight in someone else’s direction? Besides, you have your own unique perspective that needs to be shared. Focus on you and what makes you happy. Those who inspire you did not become a success or full of spiritual wisdom overnight. It took years of lessons, tears, and hard work. You never know what someone else went through or is currently going through. You are exactly where you are meant to be right now in your journey. Embrace it in love. Spiritual growth is not a competition.

xo Ariel

The Wrap Up: 10 BIG Lessons of 2016

Oh 2016! As I sit and reflect, I think of all the beauty, magic, ups and downs, triumphs and failures, love and loss we have had throughout the year. 2016 wasn’t all bad – it was a year of completion and realization. A 9 year in the cycle. The year of the Hermit. A time to wrap up, clear out old karma, reflect on the last 9 years, and get ready for the 9 year cycle to start all over again. How have you grown not only in 2016, but since 2008? What were your major lessons?  *Use the italicized questions in this article as journal prompts to help you wrap up your 2016 with a pretty bow!*

Here are the 10 Big Lessons of 2016


Clean it Up!

Clearing clutter to allow energy to flow freely was huge this year. And this doesn’t just mean physical clutter as in becoming more organized in your living space or cleaning out your closet. 2016 was a year of cleaning up our lives. A year of releasing and letting go. A year of taking out the trash! What were you required to let go of this year? How did you ‘clean it up’ in 2016?


Knowing When Something is Not for You

We all have times when we think we want something, only to get it, and then realize that this isn’t what we bargained for. 2016 was a year of intuitively knowing when something just wasn’t for you whether that be a job you interviewed for, a new relationship, a friend, or a tarot deck you were just dying to have. By being more in touch with ourselves and our desires this year, it became easier for us to recognize when something just did not resonate. How did you know when something was just not for you this year?


Knowing When it’s Time to Go… 

In 2016, you may have found yourself in a situation where something just is not working for you anymore. That job you loved, you may have outgrown it, the environment gave you anxiety, or you felt there was no more room for you to expand in your role. You may have left a toxic relationship when it became blindingly clear that this was not for your best and highest good. Perhaps you followed your heart and moved to your dream home. 2016 was about knowing when we’ve had enough so that we could begin to spark change and make room for new and better to come into our lives in 2017!


Feeling Like Time is Speeding Up

Have you found yourself thinking how fast the year has gone?! That time has been flying by? As more people awaken to deeper consciousness on the planet, time is beginning to move faster. A quickening. We are being asked to evolve at a faster rate as we enter a new cycle in our lives. As our vibrations raise, the pace of time may increase. This is especially true for lightworkers as the time to use your gifts for the benefit of others and the world as a whole draws ever closer.


How to be Present in the Here and Now

2016 taught us to be mindful and focus on being more present in our lives. If you increased your meditation practice this year, I’m pretty sure the topic of mindfulness came up for you as well! You may have thought you were making forward progress in situations or stressing over the future outcome, only to have something happen to bring your focus back to the here and now. Remember – the Universe shakes us up to wake us up! This year, we often had to take our focus away from our anxieties about the future and return it to the present if we wanted to make any progress. To get things done! When we are present every single day, in the here and now, we can impact our future in a more substantial way. We learned that change happens today – in the here and now.


Building Foundations 

Building on knowledge and tearing down old beliefs was definitely the name of the game this year! The building blocks we gathered have allowed us to slowly build the castle of our dreams. This year was about gaining our strength and making sure our foundations were sturdy. We may have had to rebuild and rework our design a few times, but it was only for the betterment of our plans. 2017 will be the year to build on these foundations. What foundations did you build this year? How did they change throughout the year?


The Importance of Hard Work & Perseverance

After we built those strong foundations, we busted our butts! In 2016 we worked our asses off – whether that be in business, our relationships, or our health. We read, studied hard, wrote, and created. We went for that interview, degree, promotion, or certification. We may have even cried tears of frustration throughout the process, but we came out on the other side thankful for the experience and proud of our accomplishments – no matter how big or small they may have seemed at the time. What benefits did you harvest from your hard work and persevering this year?


Learning How to be Flexible 

There were definitely a few times where we had no choice but to be flexible this year. 2016 sometimes threw us a curve ball. When these waves of change would come, we learned that sometimes, all you can do is go with the flow. You can compromise without losing your integrity or dignity. It may not be how you originally wished the situation to be, but you had to trust that things happened that way for a reason. Acceptance of things you cannot change is definitely a part of this lesson. Where did you have to be flexible in your life in 2016? How did you deal with acceptance this year?


Connecting & Co-Creating with the Universe 

2016 was the year of co-creating with the Universe! Manifesting your dreams. Making your goals a reality. Empowering yourself. Helping you to let go and to heal. The Universe was there through it all! The Universe definitely had our back in 2016. You may have read more books on spirituality, metaphysics, and consciousness. Learned about the power of positive thinking. Connected with the wisdom of and learned about your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors, Earth Mother, and the Universe as a whole. What did the Universe teach you in 2016? What was it’s major message for you? What did you co-create with the Universe in 2016? Don’t forget to say thank you!

Finding & Building your Relationship with Your Tribe

This was probably one of the most fun (and at times trying) part of 2016. You may have finally found your people, your tribe, your soul family – or you at least started connecting with others of a like mind. 2016 was the year to put yourself out there. Mingling, making friends, networking, and getting to know your community. This year helped us to know we are not alone. There are others on the journey with us. We found love, understanding, and support in these people. Who encompasses your tribe? Who was a part of your tribe that is not anymore? As you changed and grew, did you relationship with your tribe follow suit? 2017 will continue to build on these relationships and deepen your connection to your tribe.

I hope you had an out of this world 2016. Let’s get ready to rock the next 365!

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xo Ariel