🐝Busy Bee | Willpower + The 8 of Pentacles

How can you harness your inner worker bee? How can you keep your drive and momentum going when you have mountains to climb, rivers to cross, and a tornado of to-do lists in your path?


Eight of Pentacles from Lumina Tarot  (Inner Hue, 1st ed.)

The 8 of Pentacles asks you to have a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Where are your priorities currently? Organization is the key to productivity and proficiency. This card also invites you to start creating healthy habits now, so that when you do feel overwhelmed, you won’t throw caution to the wind and waiver from what you know does in fact work.

When working with the intensely dedicated energy of the Eight of Pentacles, keep your Solar Plexus chakra strong, balanced, and vibrant. Crystals associated with this chakra, like citrine, are filled with the vibration of success and empowerment. This can definitely help to provide an extra push when you’re really striving to achieve your personal best!

The worker bee asks invites you to get into your creative flow. Tap into your energetic drive. Tune the world out for a little while and hone in on your work. Give it as much concentrated effort as possible. What does it take for you to get in the zone and how do you know once you’re there?

xo Ariel

4 thoughts on “🐝Busy Bee | Willpower + The 8 of Pentacles

  1. Sparkyjen says:

    What does it take for me to get into the zone? Knowing from experience that I can accomplish anything I want if I put my mind to it. I thrive on the sense of accomplishment completing a project gives me. I also have strategies to use if and when I need a boost, and will search high and low for others if I need more. Just doing it helps me most. As you mentioned, being organized is very helpful. I am very organized!

    I’m also more right-brained than left, so I’m typically zoned in on my personal creativity centers most of the time. I keep paper and pen or pencil handy, which has netted some very nifty ideas that aid me in completing tasks efficiently.

    Do I have crystals, and scents, Reiki and meditation goodies? Yes! I also use my senses to the best of my abilities. See it. Hear it. Feel it. Smell it. Taste it. If all else isn’t failing forward…I dance. The song: “I Have The Power” is very effective!

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