Mystical Healing with Archangel Metatron

AA Metatron Post

I was participating in a 4 day mediumship workshop in New Jersey with British medium Mavis Pittilla in August of 2015. I had been there for about 2 days and had just given my first ever platform demonstration earlier that afternoon. I was learning so much about myself, the soul, and my connection to spirit that I felt alive and reinvigorated! It was so wonderfully refreshing being around others of like mind and intention. Later that same night, after the lectures of the day, I had a dream where Metatron’s cube came down in front of me glittering and sparkling in a chamber of brilliant white light.

Metatron's cube Metatron’s Cube (Image source unknown)

It was so breathtakingly stunning! I didn’t know whether to go inside of it or to just continue to stand there in shock and awe. Upon entering the cube, I was enraptured in white healing energy. It was so peaceful and loving! The stark white energy was moving, whooshing, whirling all around me. I felt calm – in total peace and bliss. The dream was so clear, so vivid, that I will never forget it!

I truly believe that this was Archangel Metatron coming to me to give me healing and preparation so that I could move on to the next phase of my ascension process – to become a clearer channel for the knowledge of the Universe and the Universe’s healing energy to work through. Since my sacred geometry encounter with Metatron, my spiritual awakening has definitely accelerated! For the validation and clarity of purpose he has given me, I have much to thank him for. He does still come to me from time to time and it is always a grand experience!

I will be returning this summer to study with Mavis again. I wonder who will have a message for me this time…

xo Ariel

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